Get Out the Vote

Seeking to generate a buzz for the 2014 "Get Out the Vote" campaigns, we hunted down seven conservative big guns to voice their concern for people to vote.

Ted Cruz says your one vote can help get our nation out of crisis. Find out how.

Pinning down these political heavy weights was no easy task.

We opted for video as the medium of choice for presenting the message.

Find out why Mike Huckabee says your vote counts twice as much this year.
You won't believe what the Duck Commander says about Christians and voting.

We were overjoyed by how receptive everyone was to the impromptu video shoots.

“Better move before it's too late."

Ever the outspoken advocate for conservative values, Phil Robertson graciously shot a hugely popular video ad for us.

Go change your country this election cycle. Bobby Jindal is calling you to vote.

Precision Facebook ads zeroed in on active voters.

100 Facebook ad campaigns were launched en masse.

Will my one little vote count? Yes, says Pat Boone, it's twice as valuable this year.
What to know why Newt Gingrich says your vote counts twice as much this year?
Can you guess what this decorated war hero says is your fundamental right as an American?

My Vote Can Change My Country

America's top political influencers coupled with the carefully crafted message "My Vote Can Change My Country" proved a winning combination amidst the overall fight to move tranditional voters to the polls. Conservative candidates enjoyed an overwhelmingly victory in the 2014 election.


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