A last minute call

With only 9 days left before the 2014 Florida election, we were called in to defeat the initiative to legalize marijuana.

We didn't waste a minute to blitz Florida's social media channels with our message.

Watch Presentation
Watch Presentation

We targeted
3 million with
a series of
ad messages.

The strategic
break down

  • Targeted 3 million conservative and Christian potential voters.
  • Created 12 ad campaigns and ran multiple tests.
  • Gave 14 million ad impressions, averaging 5 ads per targeted voter.
Put children first — not marijuana.
Leading newspapers in Florida oppose Marijuana amendment.
Marijuana is 12x more powerful than a generation ago — 12x more destructive.
You are the tipping point. Support for Amendment 2 has dropped a whopping 40% as people learn the dangers...
Leading newspapers in Florida oppose Marijuana amendment.


The outcome saw Florida as the only state marijuana inititive defeated nationwide.

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